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Under the actual market test for many years, in the fierce competition of many domestic and foreign brands of similar products, SENSORC stands out, and has won the trust and praise of tens of thousands of domestic and foreign corporate customers!

At the beginning of its establishment, Shanghai Xinsuo Electronics Co., Ltd., in line with the corporate motto of "abiding by the rules, making high-quality products, pursuing progress, and creating a great cause", worked hard and worked hard. According to the needs of the market, several series of safety grating products have been launched successively. The complete high, medium and low-end product lines fully meet the actual needs of various customers. Years of hard work have created SENSORC's excellent product quality!

At the same time, Shanghai Xinsuo Electronics Co., Ltd. is also the first-class agent of SICK, a well-known German brand, in China, and has accumulated a lot of application experience in industries such as steel, ports, logistics, packaging, and sorting. We can provide customers with professional opinions and solutions on products such as photoelectric switches, proximity switches, barcode readers, encoders, laser ranging, security scanning protection, and visual inspection.

Xinsuo is willing to work together with you to ensure safety and stable development!

Measuring light curtain

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